Brand Identity

We are thrilled to introduce our brand Outlines Clothing designed by Rajesh Dhakhwa. We have developed a brand identity, which is eccentric, stylish and has attitude.


Birth of Outlines Clothing

Clothing brand has always been something we have been interested in, but we just weren't sure how feasible it would be. We recently designed Tees and sold them to help earthquake victims. We got an enormous positive feedback from the people who bought our Tees. This was another reason that made us realized that there really wasn't anything holding us back, so why not give it a try! So here we are with a goal to provide you Clothes that you fall in love with.

Full of beautiful colours, patterns and textures, our clothes are everything we had hoped them to be. Thanks to very talented RD and the team, we are now able to make one of our long-time dreams come true.